Sore Skateboards’ CUL DE-SAC promo online now.

Leeds based company Sore Skateboards dropped their 12 minute, black and white promo video ‘CUL DE-SAC’ onto the internet around 3 months ago and its still one of my favourite web releases of the year.

Featuring raw, fast, unadulterated street based business from the entire Sore team, if you haven’t already seen this I highly recommend you free up some time in your schedule and give it a watch, you won’t be disappointed.

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WUG crew attack Thornes Skatepark at full pelt.

Wakefield’s Thornes skatepark saw a hardy dose of fast as you like skateboarding go down over the last few months at the hands of the WUG boys.

The Division 24 backed edit below features park antics from the likes of Aiden Blaymire, Paul ‘Wapo’ Watson and Blinky amongst a whole host of other Thornes locals with only a push or two in sight.

Filmed by George Garthwaite.

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Mike Arnold hits Hyde Park, Leeds for indcsn Clothing.

After hitting Hull’s Rock City in the clip in the post below, Welcome Skate Store‘s Mike Arnold is back again, this time with a clip from Leeds’ famous training ground, Hyde Park for indcsn clothing.

Filmed by Josh Hallett and featuring a cameo from recently recovered Leeds ripper Dale Starkie, get your eyes around the clip below for some smooth Hyde Park action backed by the one and only Moloko…

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Leeds’ Mike Arnold and friends hit the renovated Rock City skatepark, Hull.

Undergoing a huge facelift earlier this year, Hull’s Rock City skatepark has now re opened and features one of the best indoor street courses in the country, never mind just yorkshire.

Welcome Skate Store and UK Passport representative Mike Arnold headed over to the freshly opened skatepark to give it a whirl with a whole host of his friends tow. Check the footage below and head over to the indoor park if you get the chance over the next few cold, wintery months…

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HillBomb is back!

After being on a long hiatus since summer (and what a summer it was) HillBomb is back! We’ll be catching up on some of the goings on in the area since that time, but it was so jam packed we can’t cover anything! 

 Skateboarders in Yorkshire have been in for a treat lately, the Polar/Palace teams came through to jam at Hyde Park, Huddersfield scene video ‘Wasteman’ finally got a premiere and DVD release and Hull’s ‘Rock City’ skatepark got an extensive facelift, and that’s just the bare bones of it.

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Sore Skateboards owner Vince Orr sheds some light on the Leeds based company.

Leeds based outfit Sore Skateboards is a company built purely from a love of raw, unadulterated skateboarding in the north of England

Now in their second year and currently hooking up some of the North’s top underground skateboarders, they profess to show that low key skateboarding can still flourish in a world of Street League, 7 figure video budgets and car sponsorships.

Click the logo below to see what Vince Orr, the company’s owner had to say about Sore’s roots, why they do what they do, the UK scene and much, much more…


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Sore Skateboards debut video ‘Reprobates’ is now online in full.

The debut video from Leeds based, raw street skating advocates Sore Skateboards has been uploaded in full for our viewing pleasure.

Featuring footage from a whole host of primarily underground skateboarders including Fos, Lee Rozee, Brendan Harrap, Ali Watson and Guy Jones, ‘Reprobates’ was a solid first offering showcasing fast, powerful, off the beaten track skateboarding.

Hit play on the video and get stoked that the British weather is finally starting to ease up…

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The National Skateboard Co. release first online promo with full team.

One of the UK’s hottest new board companies, The National Skateboard Co. have revealed their entire team with an accompanying promo video.

Their team, featuring a mix of the UK’s heaviest hitters includes David Mackey, Vaughan Jones, Danijel Stankovich, Neil Smith and West Yorkshire based riders Tom Harrison and Joshua Young.

So, with a team so strong you know to expect big things from them in the future. Set aside 9 minutes of your day and get stuck in to the edit below to whet your appetite…

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New Hyde Park ghetto cam edit ‘Hyde No Mo’ shows off the Leeds scene.

The newest ghetto cam edit from Leeds’ popular Hyde Park skatepark has hit the internet and is called ‘Hyde No Mo’.

Featuring some scooter hating and an assortment of Leeds rippers including Jon Sykes, Mike Arnold and Vaughan Jones, give the fun little edit a watch below…

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